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"She considers herself a country artist (specializing in cry-in-your-beer songs) but lacking twang in music or voice. Her stage presence suggests folk (voice and acoustic guitar), but she adds pinches of rap and emo. So she chooses alt-folk as a congenial space."

- Ed Peaco, Springfield News-Leader

Behind The Music

The musician

Jessamyn Orchard is a female alt-folk singer/songwriter hailing from Shannon County, Missouri who has been actively playing music since she was ten years old, when she was introduced to piano. 

the beginnings

She played flute in her middle school band, fell in love with alto saxophone and jazz music at age 15, and finally picked up the guitar when she was in high school, and has played consistently since then. 

College years in the Arkansas Delta brought her to love playing coffeehouses and living room parties, spreading her low-key indie-blues style in intimate settings where real musical expressions and conversations were taking place.

After a 4-year stint as a high school educator, Jessamyn returned to the music scene in 2010 in Springfield, Missouri, where she is now based.


Since the early days of playing coffeehouses, Jessamyn's musical style has evolved into numerous projects and influences including her own brand of "sad  bastard" and "feminindie" songwriting, as well as applying these same tenants to electronic music and developing her skills as a looping artist.

"My dream has always been to be the Dick VanDyke one-man-band character from the opening scene of Mary Poppins. Loopers and other technologies get me closer to that dream every day."

The writer

Jessamyn has been a writer since before she really knew what words were. 

Her love of writing initially manifested itself through poetry, and when combined with her love of music, the two symbiotically took off into a lifelong love relationship between these elements and Jessamyn.

While in college, Jessamyn received a Bachelors of Arts in English with minors in both Journalism and Theatre.  Since then, she has employed those skills in various fashions, but her favorite way to utilize that degree is on stage performing her original music for audiences large and small alike.

sad bastard music

Jessamyn's original music has a focus on heartache and loss. They're not necessarily the light, carefree traditional folk songs.  Jessamyn's primary musical influences are all over the place, but include a lot of random obscure emo bands from the mid-90s to early 2000s...and that is lyrically evident in her tunes.

The art

Living a life of intentional creation is what Jessamyn Orchard is all about. She is constantly persuing artistic venues through which she can explore and play and discover.  In addition to an actively performing stage musician, Jessamyn is also a DIY repurposing and collage artist and creative blogger on

Music is her primary artistic expression, but she is a constantly evolving artist first and foremost, and in living a life of intentional creation, there are always new venues to explore and dive within.

utilizing technology

Technology has changed the way artists can create and share their art with the world.  This includes everything from accessibility on the internet to the literal tools the artist has to create the music.

Jessamyn utilizes this technology in creative ways through the use of both looping pedal technologies and other resources made available through creative use of apps on an iPhone running into the looping pedal and MIDI control, bringing a different and fresh element to her sets.